Live at Gossips, with Talent Scout
Getting dirty in Soho.

Live at Needles, with Dead Or Alive Promotions
Dave Focker prepare to once again rock central London.

Papa's Cash 3: The Messianic Incident
We take over Tatty Bogles once again for the third incarnation of Papa's Cash, lead by Red Jesus who steps out of the flames to deliver his throbbing prophecy.

Papa's Cash 2: In Review
Missed the Night Of Daves? Find out just what you missed here. Photos, mp3s and video from the gig.

Papa's Cash 2: Night Of Daves
(Apart from the Indian fella)
Following the success of the War special we change the vibe for ‘the night of dave’. Playing live will be the acoustic wonder Dave Fagan and tabla master Hanif Khan. Then - the debut performance at the Cash Club for Dave Focker.

Papa's Cash Launch
Don’t waste your life. Be the first to experience the Cash Club presented by Papa’s Cash, Dave Focker's label featuring all members of DF.