Papa's Cash Presents: Night Of Daves (Tuesday May 6, 7.30pm-3.30am)

Following the success of the War special we change the vibe for ‘the night of dave’.

Dave Focker - need we say more - this is what this site's all about. This includes new members Sammy Forway as the Judge and Memo as the Devil.

D-thing - plucking at strings, D-thing's fragile and ambitious voice stirs the most urbane of sceptics. Wondering about love? thinking about where it all came from? Look no further as D-thing supplies a rallying cry for those carrying damaged goods.

Hanif Khan - is the son of one of the most illustrious tabla masters of india. Hanif has played extensively around the globe including countries such as Israel, Jordan and Bosnia. He is one of the new generation of Tabla masters and this is a rare opportunity to see him up close in a setting removed from the Queen elizabeth hall. He will performing solo, displaying the musicality of the tabla alone. You will rarley get another opportunity like this.

Resident DJ Wendy isenwater will be playing a mix of seedy soul and funk for those who want to move. AAaron Bharma +Jim Thompson then take over to play back to back sets of everything that's good in the world.

£4, £3 for guests who get on our Membership List.

flyer will be here soon... Click on the flyer icon to view and print a full sized version. The capacity of this venue is very limited - come early.

The event is being held at Tatty Bogles in Kingly Court, which is a small alley off Beak Street, Between Kingly and Carnaby Streets. Closest tubes Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.